Private Boat & Oar Storage Policy

(As adopted at the Committee meeting held on the 10th December 2008)

(Revised on 10th June 2009 – Clause 1.7 inserted, 1.4. changed)

1. General

Private Boat & Oar storage is a privilege granted by the Committee and is not an automatic right by members of Shoalhaven Rowing Club Inc. (SRC) “The Club”.

1.1.          The Committee shall endeavour to rack as many boats and oars as reasonable, given appropriate space.

1.2.          The Committee will be responsible for this Policy. The Club Captain will have the delegated authority of implementation.

1.3.          Decisions made by the Committee and/or the Club Captain on matters related to the implementation of this policy, must be justifiable to Members and confirmed, in writing to any Member if requested.

1.4.          Boat & Oar storage location is at the discretion of the Committee having taken into consideration factors such as the Club’s own requirements, the amount of usage by the owner (as recorded in the log book), the ease by which other members need access to their own boats subject to health and fitness and any other reasonable relevant factor.

1.5.          Only financial Members shall be entitled to apply for boat & oar storage privileges.

1.6.          If, in the opinion of the Committee, the rack space taken up by a private boat or oar is required for the Club’s fleet then the Committee, at its absolute discretion, may cancel a private storage facility and request the removal of the private boat or oar from the boatshed. The monthly pro-rata balance of storage fees, if levied (See Section 3) will be refunded to the Member.

1.7.          In keeping with Point 1.1 of this policy the Club has a preference for quick release boats. Members are more likely to be given boat storage space and keep their allotted space if their boats are fitted with quick release riggers. The Club shall, where possible, ensure that new club boats are fitted with quick release riggers. Please note that members should check on the availability of boat storage space prior to purchasing a boat. Note also that requests for boat storage should be in writing to the committee (see 2.1).

1.8.          Should a Member not use their boat or oar for an extended period of time (as determined by the Committee based on usage recorded in the log book) without satisfactory explanation of the circumstances, and the space is required for the Club’s fleet or other private boat or oar storage, then the Committee may request, in writing that the Member’s boat &/or oar be removed from the boatshed within 21 days.

1.9.          Should a Member/Boat/Oar owner not respond to a written request of the Committee within the deemed 21 days then the Committee may take such reasonable steps that it deems justified and necessary to effect such removal at the owner’s expense.

1.10.        The Club Captain must consult with, and notify any affected member, in writing, prior to the move, of any decision regarding boat &/or oar storage movement of their boat.

1.11.        If any affected member does not respond, within 21 days, to a request made, in writing by the Club Captain regarding movement of their boat &/or oars then the Club Captain may go ahead with the move, at his/her discretion.

1.12.        Boat storage positions can only be swapped between members by mutual agreement and with the approval of Club Captain.

1.13.        Owners are encouraged to protect their boats, at their own expense, by use of adequate and appropriate covering. It is the Members responsibility that any such covering be safely and securely attached to the boat.

1.14.        Owners are encouraged to personally supervise the safe and secure loading and unloading of their boat and associated equipment to any Club trailer or associated transport, to and from any regatta or any other Club activity. The Club and Committee will not, under any circumstances, accept responsibility for damage to said boat or associated equipment during any said loading, unloading, storage or transport.

1.15.        Should any member affected by this policy, feel that they are not being fairly treated; they may lodge an appeal, in writing, to the Committee within 60 days of such treatment.

1.16.        For the purpose of this policy, Schools are to be considered as ordinary Club Members.


2. Application

2.1.          In order to gain storage privileges for a private boat or oars, an application must be made, by the owner, in writing, to the Committee that includes the following details;

(a)   Boat details and name shown on it, if applicable.

(b)  Rigger type (quick release or otherwise).

(c)   Details of Oars or any other associated equipment if they are also to be stored.

(d)  Envisaged amount of usage.

(e)   Any other information such as any special access requirements, etc.

2.2.         To save confusion, owners of all private boats &/or oars are encouraged to place identifying names on them.

2.3.         Where all available storage space is taken, a list of boats &/or oars requesting to be included in Club space is to be maintained on behalf of the Committee by the Club Captain. This list is not on a first come, first served basis but subject to the factors as in Section 1.4.

2.4.         Changes to any such list are to form part of the Club Captain’s report.

2.5.         The list is to be posted on the Club’s noticeboard. The list will be in alphabetical order.

2.6.         The list will be updated as new requests are made, cancelled or filled.

2.7.         When appropriate space becomes available, the Member on the waiting list will be notified immediately, in writing, and must make every effort to occupy the space, within 21 days. If any Member is unable to occupy the space, within the said 21 days without reasonable explanation, the Committee may offer the space to the next appropriate boat on the list.

2.8.         If a boat is rowed a minimum of 26 times per calendar year (as recorded in the log book), the boat owner will be entitled to renew his or her storage privileges for the next year.


3. Storage Fees

3.1.          Annual storage fees for all boats &/or oars may, at its discretion be levied by the Committee, on advice, in writing, to the relevant Members on 60 days notice and be subject to annual review at the Clubs AGM.

3.2.         Members with storage privileges will be advised, in writing when any changes are made to the amount of the storage fees.

3.3.         Should a Member become un-financial or not pay any annual storage fee levied by the Committee, the Committee may request the member to remove their boat from the Boatshed.

3.4.         The storage fees are to be published in the manner as applicable to annual membership.

3.5.         The storage fees are to be paid at the same time as annual membership fees and are applicable for the Club Membership Financial Year.


4. Insurance

4.1.          Neither the Club nor the Committee take any responsibility for damage to a private boat, oars, associated equipment or personal belongings.

4.2.         Owners store their boats, oars, associated equipment and personal belongings at their own risk.

4.3.         Insurance of private boats &/or oars &/or associated equipment is the responsibility of the individual owners.

4.4.         At their discretion, owners may avail themselves of the Club’s Master Insurance Policy. Details, extent and benefits of which are obtainable from the Club’s Insurance Brokers presently, Macey Insurance Brokers (Phone 4421 5055). A summary is included as Annexure “A” to this policy and is also available from the Club’s website.

4.5.         Owners wishing to avail themselves of the Club’s Master Insurance Policy must, by the 1st of October each year, advise the Secretary, in writing the sum and items to be insured and make themselves aware of the terms, conditions and basis of the cover i.e. Agreed or Market Value, Excess etc.

4.6.         Prior to renewal, presently 15th November Yearly owners using Club’s Master Insurance Policy will be requested, in writing, to make a pro-rata premium contribution. Owners failing to comply with a request for payment within 21 days will have the matter referred to the Club’s Committee who will take whatever action it sees fit to recover amount outstanding.


5. Transfer of Boat & Oar Ownership

5.1.          Should a Member sell his/her boat &/or oars to another Member such transfer of ownership does not carry with it any actual or implied right or preferential access to storage facilities.

5.2.         Members must immediately notify the Committee or Club Captain, in writing, of any change in the ownership of stored equipment.