About our Rowing Club

SHOALHAVEN ROWING CLUB is a society founded by volunteers and which is dedicated to the promotion of the sport of rowing. 

Our mission is to create and provide for our members of all ages and skill levels opportunities to row for their enjoyment, improvement and cater for their competitive needs, in an atmosphere in which our members support and respect each other.

We encourage and expect our members to respect their opponent’s, coaches, managers, and officials. Exhibit good sportsmanship and fair play.

Our club is dependent upon the commitment and dedication of our many volunteers.

Future plans for the organisation, property and community. 
The Shoalhaven rowing club was established to promote the sport of rowing in the Shoalhaven. It has achieved much over the last 45 years since its inception in 1977.

We have maintained a sustainable membership, moved from the old sailing shed to a purpose-built Rowing Shed in 2000, through the dedicated service of our members. We have established a good quality boat fleet, associated equipment and established a reputation as a small but competitive club.  

Our future goals / objectives are to build membership, continue and improve our development programs for community, beginner/novice members, enhance our junior rowing recruitment, further encourage community involvement and maintain our financial sustainability.

Continue to host our very successful Head of the Shoalhaven Regatta as a round of the RNSW regatta program and participate in other regatta events as well as continue to organise local rowing events for all club members.
It is recommended that to achieve our goals and objectives we need to establish a happy, social & cohesive membership of individuals that are prepared to supply the dedication and time commitment in achieving our goals and objectives.   

Since the Shoalhaven Rowing Club’s inception in 1977

Since Shoalhaven Rowing Club’s inception the organisation has been successful in recruiting new members from ‘Learn2Row’ programmes, maintained sustainability and built a new boat shed. 

We have produced club, state and national representative from junior development programs along with state and national champions through the masters rowing development programs, and maintained awareness of our non-competitive social rowers. The club through its volunteers has also been able to introduce the sport of rowing into a number of local high schools for school sport programmes.

The following outcomes reflect what the Shoalhaven Rowing Club wants to achieve over the next three (3) years.

• financial stability and growth

• the sport to have strong market position

• increase support to members

• encourage diverse community involvement 

• members to implement the strategies of the club

• increase levels of sponsorship and fundraising

• effective Governance and management practices in place

• effective volunteer management plan

• athlete membership growth and participation

• effective sport education programs

• continue to upkeep and upgrade our wonderful clubhouse facility

• encourage a greater level of support from organisations (eg Council, RNSW)